Friday, July 25, 2008

See, there's this couch

I don't know if he was human or angel, but we were sure glad God sent him. It was what you might call Divine Timing.

See, Jonathan and I have been getting married, going to Scotland, packing me up, road-tripping to Virginia, going to Ben and Lisa's wedding, and moving into the apartment here in Richmond. The cubes arrived Tuesday, and today (Friday) we're finally getting to the Last Items therein. We left them to last because they were big and awkward and heavy. But today we were brave. We cleared a space in the study and got my gigantor bricks-and-boards shelf set up, rather the worse for wear.

That left The Couch.

This is The Couch I inherited from Aunt Frankie, which has been sitting in my family's living room for the past few years until I got my own place. It weighs about a ton, and it took Jonathan, my dad, and my sister to get the thing into the cube. We had dire doubts Jonathan and I would be able to get it out again; upper body strength not being one of my notable mad skills. But it had to go, and we'd have to do it, so into the cube it went.

And today there was no putting it off any longer. So we walked the couch clear from the cubes and onto the front porch steps, tipping it first this way, then that, caterpillaring it along two hunks of cardboard so it wouldn't rip all the upholstery off. But we couldn't get it inside. The trouble was, the stairs to our second floor are right at the front door, and we'd have to lift The Couch over the bottom rail to get it into the living room. I couldn't. I just couldn't. And Jonathan couldn't all by himself. And we don't know a soul in Richmond to call.

So there we were, couch half in, all our nice cool air absolutely pouring out, Jonathan reduced nearly to profanity, and us all set to give up and go around and try coming in up the back stairs and through the back door ("NOOOOO!!!!") when this big guy drives up. He's wearing the shirt from our property management company, and he asks how's it going. Jonathan admits it's "one of those days."

So he gives a hand, hoists The Couch right in, and we're done. I tell you, that was divine timing.