Saturday, March 19, 2005

Be all you're meant to be

I just watched The Incredibles last night, and I think the Pixar people have a grip on the meaning of life. The thing about the Incredible family is that they are intrinsically different. When the government outlaws superheroes, they go incognito and try to be ordinary, but they can't do it. It's like forcing acorns to grow into chrysanthemums. Won't happen.
On the other side, there's an ordinary boy who wants to be a superhero but just isn't one. He tries, but his dream hurts him and everyone else.
I found the movie a refreshing change from the "Fulfill your dreams!" nonsense floating around. It frankly doesn't matter what you want, because reality trumps dreams.
This isn't harsh or limiting. The acorn doesn't want to be a flower, because nothing is more wonderful than to be what you're meant to be.

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