Saturday, January 22, 2005


Oh, that everyone had friends such as I do.

I spent the afternoon making invitations for a birthday party. Had I but world enough and time, they could have been better, but they turned out awfully well. Indeed, around here arts and crafts turn into adventure. These invitations were primarily cardstock, but nail polish and hairspray added glitter. :-) (I love being a girl. It extends your crafting ability so!)

A friend and I tromped out into the snow to deliver invitations: we gave half to our guy co-party-conspirator, to deliver to the guys, and then took the rest over to dorm 3 by way of the football game out front. It really was pretty funny--they'd stand around for a minute, all start running, someone would fall, they'd all jump on him, and the ball would get lost in the shuffle. Or not.

Visiting dorm 3 is usually a pleasure. Today was no exception. We dropped by three rooms and had conversations in each.

Then we came back to my room and she typed up quotes and disc-jockeyed for me while I cleaned the room and bathroom floor and generated quotes with my roommates. I have such good roommates. And they're quotable, too.

My old RA was back on campus, trimming hair in the dorm lobby. I was retrieving a broom: "Kerri! It's just like old times! You're cutting hair and I have a broom in my hand!" Indeed, nothing is more characteristic...

The friend and I went to dinner. "Where shall we sit?" "Over there, by Emily." So I sat over there by Emily--and she sat another table over, by my sister Emily!

I learned all sorts of interesting things with my Emily, such as the time freshman year her friends from high school descended upon her and gave her a makeover. They did such a bad job on her haircut that her roommate at the time (also sitting at the table) had to trim it up afterwards.

Then my Emily, her former roommate, and the former roommate's fiance all left the table, so only my physics study partner from last semester remained. It was one of the best conversations I've ever had with him, including physics ones. We compared notes on old movies we had both seen and sung the songs, too. We talked about music and roommates.

We spent a long time talking about First Knight. If you haven't seen it, it's a particularly good movie. It's not for children, though. It deals honestly with war and adultery. I was amazed at how much true content was in there--true in culturally unusual ways. A major theme is whether law is made by the strongest bandit or whether a law is applicable to all mankind. (The scene where King Arthur explains natural law to the Mordred-character is priceless!) Christian symbolism was rampant. The good guys espoused true philosophy, and vice versa. The good guys were genuinely virtuous. If King Arthur were real and were like that, I would follow him to death. The movie portrays him as the Christ figure I think he is. And in First Knight, sin had consequences. After movies like A Cinderella Story and books like Harry Potter, I appreciate that.

It is good to have friends of all sorts--air hockey friends, catapults-at-the-dinner-table friends, movie friends, theology friends, fashion friends, snow friends, talk-about-things friends, story friends, just-play-together friends, and everything friends. Someday, I will be with all my friends at once, and we will talk forever about all the best subjects.

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Givengrace :: said...

You know, I sort of happened upon your blog my sheer accident. I began reading this, your most recent post, and found myself drawn in by your wit and cleverity. Too few people take the time to express their thoughts in written form, and I truly appreciated your attempt to do so. I'll be back, for sure!