Monday, January 31, 2005

"Ianthe to Landor": afternoon edition

This is the one I took to dinner tonight for half a dozen of my closest friends and acquaintances to rip to pieces. They were kind enough to oblige. :-)

Ianthe to Landor

Perhaps we’ve set a faithful love afire.
Perhaps your poems remember all my best,
My youth and beauty, summer manifest.
But even if such star-strewn songs inspire
All earthbound men to read your verse beyond
Your death, it isn’t good enough. What life
Can mortal words bestow? Their wealth and strife
Will both be lost when sun and stone pass on.

Annihilation does not wait for me.
When it’s chased you the way Atlantis went
(Poor time-drowned love!), I’ll live because I’ve asked
Eternity for immortality.
The day galactic north goes south, a mint
Of love and memory is mine—untaxed.

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