Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The mice came out to play

I had a mouse house when I was younger. I had barbies too, but what I really liked was my set of stuffed mice and their household. I made them furniture, accessories, and entire wardrobes of clothes. They had shelves of books, a pantry of homemade food, and a set of doll china. It was pretty cool. (Interior design and fashion design!) Anyway, the mice got packed away in the top of my closet until such time as Meg would appreciate them.

Over the weekend, Meg came to me greatly concerned because while Daddy Tigger had an outfit, Baby Tigger did not. This was clearly unacceptable. I promised to make Baby Tigger a sweater, but first I jumped up and down rejoicing because this meant she cared about clothing her animals, which meant SHE WAS READY TO PLAY WITH THE MICE.

So down they came! Meg has spent the last several days going through the mouse goods and dressing her critters. She set up an outdoor room on the top shelf among my human-sized house plants, so the mice have a very pleasant jungley patio. Most things survived pretty well, though the teeny oil lamp had its glass shade break and the cardboard pantry was just done for. The mouse clothes, you'll be glad to know, were apparently not tailored very precisely and Baby Tigger fits into them just fine. Also, I crocheted him a quick sweater... but the green yarn I had was that really massive chunky kind, so the sweater is pretty peculiar. But Meg doesn't seem to mind.

I asked her what her favorite part of the mouse house was. She grinned and said, "Playing and dressing!"

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