Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm still trying to make things

The phrase "You can do quilting" means vastly different things depending whether you're reading a sewing blog or a fashion magazine. Instyle does not, sadly, give you a tutorial on how to quilt something.

Now that I have two little ones, every stitch I sew is a victory. This even includes stitches I have to rip out, so there. Under this reasoning, any completed project is a lot of victories all rolled into one. I guess the big question is just how victorious it has to be, to be "finished" -- will anyone really notice if the hem is uneven? But if I don't fix it, will it look homemade? And what if it looks homemade either way? Decisions, decisions.

Today Jonathan taught me to tie a bowline knot and a drop loop knot. I'm really pleased - it'll be very handy to have knots that won't fall out. It's so aggravating to scramble after beads in the grocery store after one good tug on your necklace.

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Joy said...

It's hard to make stuff with little ones. I had to tape up and store my sewing machine because of curious little people trying to take it apart. :-P

I wanna try quilting too. When I do bring the machine out, the first thing I am trying is a puffy quilt. Looks like an easy way to figure out this quilting thing, and the results are perfect for little people.

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