Sunday, November 03, 2013

Pretty to go

It is a truism, right up there with a-single-man-in-possession-of-a-large-fortune-must-be-in-want-of-a-wife, that you never have enough burp cloths. (Less euphonious, though.) Kate's burp cloths were all Meg's, and there never seemed to be enough of them, and while they're fine with the nursery, they don't match the cute diaper bag

The solution was obvious.

To the fabric store!

Rather to my surprise, Joann's actually had half a dozen cute flannels in orange and turquoise. So I got them. And prewashed them so they'd shrink before sewing instead of after, because that's just annoying.

Yesterday afternoon I lovingly, meticulously, made three big squares, each with a different pattern on each side and cut out on the grid so they had actual right angles and genuine equal sides. I poked the corners out and ironed them and topstitched all around so they'd stay put. Boy howdy. I did them right. Besides being nicely absorbent, they'll be good to lay her on or to cover her feet when we're out and about, or for a nursing cover in a pinch.

But that sort of precision is exhausting and took like three hours. I took the rest of the flannel, sliced each piece into quarters without measuring, and zigzagged around the edges. Boom. Done.

And that is the story of how I made two dozen burp cloths and three big squares, all cute to go with my pretty diaper bag.

The end.

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